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We are duplicating a machine. V1210 with V200-18-E3XB and EX-D16A3-TO16 just like the old one that works perfectly. Running into input problems. Input is on as it should and it does not change in live mode. Like I trip a breaker but it does not change status on plc. If I trigger another input that works.  What gives?

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As I've mentioned somewhere here before, I've taken to the habit of drilling holes in the corners of the snap-in modules (I've made a little drilling template that lays over the module), and securing with screws.

For a few years now, the creators have provided screw bosses on the PLC case, but they still don't put the holes in the modules?

this doesn't prevent someone from bending a pin, but it sure keeps the snap-in module from falling off due to machine vibration....

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