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UniStream 10 inch screen alternative to v1040


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Hey guys,

I am looking for alternative to PLC Vision V1040 that I have been using for few years. I mostly used it without a snap, but with connection to additional I/O, because my needs forced me to separate PLC from  control panel so I am not interested in Unistream Modular but rather Unistream Built in or Unistream PLC with Virtual HMI.

However I would like to still use a 10 inch screen. My questions:
1. Why Unitronics did not provide USL-010 (Unistream Display) or US10(Unistream Built-in) screens?
2. Maybe graphic is much worse when sb tries to use Unistream PLC like e.g. USC-B10-XXXX  with a 10 inch screen? Did someone of you check how such configuration(Unistream PLC + 10 inch screen through VNC) would look like?

I am looking for your replies,
Thanks in advance

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I would check the aspect ration of whatever "screen" (tablet with VNC viewer) and match that as close as possible to the screen. For instance I would go with the low cost Unistream 7" with a 16:9 aspect ratio and find a 10"ish tablet with that ratio. Scaling is done through the VNC viewer on the tablet. I use RealVNC as a VNC viewer and the scaling can be adjusted in the properties of the connection.

On the Unitronics website I see:

7" 16:9

10.4" 4:3

15.6" 16:9



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The USP-104-B10  10 Inch HMI  and  USP-156-B10  15 Inch  without the CPU Module attached will act as a  remote HMI via VNC.

The CPU Module is required for the PLC program, so the Screen is focused on the HMI and other  communications.



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Thanks for ur answears guys. I didn't know about the possiblity of changing graphic resolution - as it turned out graphic was not a problem, silly me ;) 
Recently, I figured out that there are new 10' and 15' Unitronics screens from USL series (USL-101-B05 and USL-156-B05) so my problem was solved.

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1 hour ago, Zact said:

So, the 10 and 15 inch USL series HMIs can connect to VNC through ethernet without the cpu?  I'm looking for a solution like this, but didn't realize the HMI came with rj-45 ports.

Pretty sure the 7" will as well.  The HMI houses 2 rj45, 2 usb host, 1 usb device, audio jack, micro sd card.

The CPU has RS485 and CANBUS. 

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