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Looking to load a unilogic project automatically onto a plc


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We'd like to control which project is loaded onto the PLC remotely.

We can't go through the ui of the plc because it needs to be automated. We need to control it from linux, so unilogic and most of unitronics tools are out, they lack the necessary command line access anyway to make them an option for automation.

We can get the project file on the plc using ftb, but how do I convince the plc to load a new project, I can't seem to figure it out. Can't find the right ladder function or something else to access.


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I realize this is not an answer to your issue but have you considered writing the Unilogic program to handle all the scenarios and use data tables for storing/accessing process specific data?

I have done this where you separate all the different sub-routines then CALL them in order of the "process step" table for whatever part it's running.

Then all you would need to do is send it the part name and do all your data/process loading inside the PLC. 


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