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Convert ASCII String into UTF-16 string


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Is there way to convert STRING-ASCII to STRING-UTF16. 

I have data table with UTF-16 column for messages, but in one case I want to add number there, but number is in ASCII. Maybe someone knows some existing method for this kind of conversion ?

I can probably create this function, but is UniLogic internally "Little endian" or "Big endian" ?



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It was actually easier than I imagined:

static void String_AToU(volatile char* FI, int FILen, volatile short* FO, int FOLen)
	// User code starts below this comment
		for (int i=0 ; i < FILen ; i++ ){
			FO[i] = (short) FI[i];
		FOLen = FILen;	

	// User code ends above this comment


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  • MVP 2022

When first looked at this post I couldn't spell "UTF-16".  I knew it was a valid string type but never thought more about it.  This post woke up the squirrel and I leaned on my friend Dr. Google to at least learn what this data type is.  So now I know more than I did this morning about how many different characters can be referenced with this format (1,112,064).

I sit at your feet, Anatoly.  What are you doing that you need this?

Joe T.  

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