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Today's lighthearted relief...add yours as necessary.


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I recently gave a friend an IR temperature gauge to study the temperature of the hydraulics in the press. Here is a photo of the measurement result. I think that the temperature was probably a bit too high... :)

Then I had to completely redesign the control system using Unitronics PLC.

I was once again convinced that a metal control cabinet is one of the best solutions.


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The police knocked on my door this morning.

"Do the letters H. G. mean anything to you?" they asked.

"No", I said.

"What about R. W. then?"

"No, doesn't mean anything either".

"How about E. Y.?"

"No.   What's this about?  Am I suspected of something?"

"No Sir," they said.  "These are just initial enquiries".


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OK John.  but no.   The relevant bit in the cartoon is the bottom left cow being happy!  Perhaps if you have a look at this:


it might point you in the right direction!

And whilst we're at it, here's a classic from Jimmy again about Aussie pronunciation.


cheers, Aus


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On 10/21/2021 at 6:55 PM, John_R said:

I don't get it.....

It's important not to overthink this one. The doorbell prank is common among children (probably in most countries, not just the U.S.). This is just funny because it's a cow doing the doorbell prank. It's part of Gary Larson's frequent schtick in the Far Side cartoon of anthropomorphizing cows.

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