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On 8/5/2020 at 7:32 AM, Hoops123 said:


Not 100% sure what your refering to, but I use bootlace ferrules for connecting to th inputs


and you dont have problem with the contact ? @Joe Tauser suggestion is more reliable but I cannot find in local market so I will order and delay for 1 month.. Unitronics should mention that they do not supply the connector.

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Bootlace pins only apply to the modules with standard industrial wiring connections.  The high density modules (32-channel digital I/O and 8-channel temperature) use a pin header as @Joe Tauser has pointed out.  I got caught by this when supplying an 8-channel thermocouple input module.  The most reliable way to tell from available information is to look in the user manual for the remote IO modules, from the Unitronics technical library.  There is a model listing around page 9 or 10 (the doc gets updated, so page numbes may change over time).  After the produduct description is an indication of the connector type.  For example:


The modules with standard industrial wiring will say "10 RTB" or "18 RTB" (RTB = Removable Terminal Block).  If it says "IDC" it is pin headers.

I've used the Phoenix Contact modules.  Here is an example: VIP-3/SC/FLK40 - 2315078, you can also purchase the 40-pin cable or make your own if you have IDC tools.

The following comment doesn't help so much if you already have purchased the modules, but I suggest that if space is not restricted, to use 2x 16-channel modules instead of 1x 32-channel module.  The initial module price is a little higher, but after factoring in the need to add external IDC adaptors and interface cables, it may be cheaper overall to use the 16-channel modules.  Of course the 32-channel modules are great if you have a lot of IO points and limited width on DIN rail, or if you are making your own interface PCB (for example with integrated relays etc).

Hope this helps,



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