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Is there a way to know if a VNC screen has been touched?    We are doing a project with a Uni PLC and I’m trying to setup a watchdog timer to activate a screen saver.  In a standard Uni-Stream I’d use the General.Touched Bit as the bit that controls the timer.  During testing with a VNC panel this bit never activates and I have been unable to locate a system bit that indicates this.

Or am I stuck going their the project and adding an action to every single button that acts as the General.Touched Bit to achieve the same result?


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Dear Cam ,
From version 30.XXX go to  "UniApps -> Network -> VNC Server -> Set 'touch bit'" check box and press apply. The VNC server will restart with the "touch" identification option and will set General.Touched bit upon "touch" of a VNC client connected to UniStream 


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