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SAE J1939 with Caterpillar engine.

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I am working with a V1040 Vision PLC.

The issue is the following. I want to have the active diagnostics from the Caterpillar engine. This can be up to 300 different codes. Does anybody have some experience how to obtain and process these alarms? I have the Voltage and engine hours etc. This is swopping and shifting some bytes, but the active diagnostics are worrying me. It is about the following PGN's

Multi-packet Transfer Message PGN 60671

Active Diagnostic PGN 65226

Previously Active Diagnostic Codes PGN 65227


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I have never worked on a catapillar engine controller so I am guessing here, but I am assuming that you are picking up either Modbus or some other serialcommunication from the Cat controller and trying to put that into a nice Human friendly package on the V1040. In most devices your active status and alarm information comes in on a single integer (or multiple integers) with numbers between 0-999 indicating up to 999 messages that can apear on a viewing screen. You have to create a look up table that tells the V1040 what you wnat to show on screen for each and every one of these integer possibilities.

Obviously that is a time consuming amount of just grunt work entering information for all of the integer posibilities. If you are than going to try and make conditional diagnostic information apear on screen then it gets alot more difficult. because at that point you will need to corelate the integer number to what was actually happening to the cat at the time of the failure. There will usually be a register that will tell you what inputs and outputs are active at all times (typically in the form of an intger number), that will corelate to bits being active or not active on that register. The V1040 has a bit test function block that will allow you to test to see if an individual bit is set or not. This will allow you to create animation on screen for when the Cat is running or not , failed or not, What limits inputs are active or not, ........ETC.

In other words lots of time making a program to make it look simple and pretty on the V1040 screen.


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