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Snap I/O V200-18-E4XB

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I asked a similar question ages ago when I was stripping threads out with minimal force. 

All the answers are here:


As usual with Pheonix, the myriad they have makes it hard to find the exact match.  I've always gone on 5mm pitch and this one:

MSTB 2,5/10-ST - 1754601

I gave up trying to find a connector that exactly matched the 17.3mm on the originals of what Pheonix call Length.  Someone else may have.

The 5mm pitch as against 5.08 can be a PITA at times.  I have a number of different gizmos that look to use the same plug, but closer inspection with verniers shows they aren't.

cheers, Aus

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Further to this, Simon alerted me to what he uses, which is here:


He also mentioned very fine print incorporated into the moulding on the ends.  On some of my originals I have actually have "-5.0 2EDGK DEGSON" imprinted onto them.  So perhaps the Phoenix usage is not completely correct.  I think it's clearly a case of if something is rated ok, matches pitch and style and suits your use, then it will do the job!

Thanks Simon for the input.

cheers, Aus

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