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How much is too much?

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This is where I found out there's literally no end to how much I/Os you can cram into a V570.

The year is 2011, my first medium-scale PLC project. It was an animal food production plant. There was about 200 I/O points at first, and later the system grew to about 250. Also numerous weighing scales and temperature measurements. When I found out that there would be no way to put any more than about 100 I/O points via Unitronics modules, I had to resort to Turck's CANopen I/O modules. These pack a respectable number of terminal blocks per square inch of panel space. It all worked flawlessly, and in later years 2 additional I/O stations were added. Still it couldn't saturate the V570. Scan time under 10 miliseconds.

Of course there would be no easy way of managing everything from the V570 screen, so a Z-View scada had to suffice. Over Ethernet the update time for 1700 tags (not monolithic, but scattered all over memory space) is about 0.4 seconds. One remark: the screens are really ugly -- back then I was sloppy and didn't know what "Snap to Grid" meant. We've all been kids once I guess.





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