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Store DTI to file function


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i have a question regarding the file name in a store dti to file function.  i need to create a new file every time i run the function which is set to happen every day at 6am.  is there a character restriction in the target file name string?  i would like to utilize the dd/mm/yy string that the RTC to ASCII V2 function creates as my file name if possible.  at this point i am pre planning a project and do not have  a physical controller to test.



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The filename can’t have the “/“ character.  
we build a file name using the substation function and putting a yymmdd format.  

If your storing a bunch of data in it you have to make sure the file is closed before the next file update takes place. 

We’re storing 1m data for an entire month in each file. We then use the conversion utility to convert it to an excel file when we need the data on a computer. 

We FTP the files off the PLC.  

Hope this helps 

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