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Internet and SMS send from one device

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Hello world,
I have noticed in some older topic a mention about new 4G Unitronics modem / router. I would like to kindly ask if somebody has an experience with this device. I  need to solve my long-term problem with connectivity on remote locations: Application running on Vision OPLC needs to be connected to Internet via Ethernet cable and also, time to time, send or receive SMS via serial cable. I am not able to find a device with both these features so our customer has to buy two devices - one for internet and one for SMS. I tried a Teltonika router which is equipped with both Ethernet and RS232 interfaces but it is not able to use both interfaces simultaneously. 

Do you think new Unitronics router is able to operate both services? Or, is there any other way (which I do not know) how to send / receive SMS via Ethernet connection?

Thanks, Michal.

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Hi Michael...

You can do this what country are you in , if its Australia or APAC I can be specific. The new router will not let you do this on a 570, or at least not easily as yet. It does not have a serial interface and I have not been able to see the API call details for the SMS interface. If we knew this you can probably write a TCP call to handle the IP layer based SMS.


I'm happy to chat via email directly, 

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