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Hi, I’m new in Visilogic and currently working on Samba HMI/PLC splice detector program. 

I wonder if there is a double action button or advanced setting for a button that could turn e.g. red when the alarm activated and when pressed it turns back to green. 

Please help.

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I took a quick look at that particular video and it is unfortunately a less than stellar example of a tutorial.  

@PeterT -I would still encourage you to check out the videos to get yourself more up to speed on how Visilogic works, but what you're looking for is a binary text object.  The color on these can be externally controlled and I often use them in place of buttons for this kind of function. 

Control the color itself with your alarm bit or a copy of it and then assign another bit to the touch property to acknowledge the alarm and turn the color controlling bit back off.

If this is confusing try beating on it yourself and then post your plc program and we can give you some guidance.

Joe T.

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Many thanks to all of you for your support, I wish I could join this community sooner.

I’ll definitely try those suggestions and I’ll send you the project, I would be very grateful if you could give some guidance. 

Back in soon.


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