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Best Electrical Schematic Software?

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Any recommendations on a good electrical schematic software? Schematics are my weak point and I'm doing more and more machine builds requiring complex schematics so it is time to learn a full featured schematic software.  Thanks in advance for any recommendations.



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I recommend  to do table  of component that you use in your installation. And sort it by manufacturers.

Then visit site where this component (free or not) element database present, You can see what software is suported by manufacturers.

Then try to check  licences price for this software and futures provided.

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Swervo, there are so many different styles of schematics you'll have to decide in the first place which way you want to go.   To me it is personal preference.  There are different names world wide for different style types.  I actually hate modern style "line diagrams", "riser style" as I find them counter-intuitive and hard to understand at a glance, as you need to constantly reference descriptions.  I much prefer older style where the entire layout and connections are visualised.  Sometimes these are called pictorial, maintenance, schematic.

This link https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1025/ML102530301.pdf is a good example I quickly found of most standard methods, with actual drawings starting about 1/3 through.

cheers, Aus

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