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Write strings on Enhanced Web Server

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Hi. I have a V130 and I'm setting up an Enhanced Web Server. Is there any way to be able to write strings from the web page to the PLC like you can write MIs? I'm trying to set up the ability to enter an email address in the webpage as a string, and then write it into the PLC's string libary, and if not, an MI vector. Then I want to call this string in the email FB as an indirect vector of MIs. Unless there's a better way to do this.

Also, I noticed a typo in the "Enhance Web Server.pdf" support file. On page 6 where it describes the string syntax, there's a comma missing between the string number and the placeholder characters. I believe the format should be [sTXXXX,PPPPPPP] and not [sTXXXXPPPPPPP]. I've found that if the comma is missing, only the 0 string in Library 1 is displayed.

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There is no option to write string from the web page to the PLC.

As you mentioned the workaround to do it is only writing ASCII values to consecutive MIs which is not so elegant way.

Indeed you are right regarding the document (the comma is missing) and we will fix it.

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