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Indirect vectors as email addresses in Email FB

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a programming issue.

Here's my problem: The Send Email FB allows you to address the email to as many as eight email addresses in the "To..." field. So I've defined all eight email addresses as indirect vectors in the Send Email FB. I programmed the ability to enter up to eight addresses via ASCII in the HMI.

Currently I only have three indirect vectors defined with ASCII email addresses, while the other five are undefined with all zeros in the MIs. When I try to send the email, the MI for the Status Message (in Send Email FB) reads "1" which means "In Progress," and stays there indefinitely. However, when I define only three email addresses in the "To..." field with indirect vectors that do contain ASCII email addresses, then everything works perfectly.

So, my question is, why can't the Send Email FB send an email when some email addresses in the "To..." field contain indirect vectors that contain only zeros (and not ASCII email addresses)? Is this a bug or am I trying to do something that was not intended by the VisiLogic software engineers?

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Hi guys, I am facing exactly the same issue as razor_rich - when using indirect vectors as an e-mail address and some of them are empty, the e-mail fails to send and the Status Message is hanging  with "1" - In Progress. In case the vector is filled by e-mail address, all works fine. So ti seems there is some issue handling the empty addresses.

Does it mean that when using indirect vectors as address, they have to be always filled ?

Unfortunately I could not find the answer anywhere on the net. Did you find a solution ? Could you share ?

Thank you in advance,

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12 hours ago, Michal Vesely said:

In case the vector is filled by e-mail address, all works fine.

I've not tried to use the email block with empty addresses.  One of my sayings is "Empirical Data is the Best Data".

I would say you've run across one of the Truths of the Email Block.  If it doesn't work with empty addresses, then don't do that.

This post is seven years old and Stein never posted the solution.  For a definitive answer, send your request and program to support@unitronics.com.  Then please report back to us with the answer on this thread.

Joe T.

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