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Unistream 15.6'' TouchScreen Failure

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As follows from my observations - the main problem is the appearance of condensation in the panel due to lack of temperature control in the control box.

Also, a person in such productions very often washes everything around and water gets into incorrectly installed panels. Sometimes I see that the panel when turning on in the morning has fogging in the middle - this is the first sign that there will be problems in the future if you do not take appropriate measures.

I only got one panel 7' with a faulty board (faulty touch panel controller). Unfortunately, I could not establish the reasons why it stopped working. The touch panel itself was not damaged (tested by connecting to a working board).

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13 hours ago, sanyc said:

Did you manage to buy a new touch panel controller so that you fixed the whole Unistream ?

It is small 1.5x2mm bga chip. It is not possible to simple replace chip . Reworking hardware and some expirience needed.

Than maybe you can ask local distributor for base board replacement (if it possible).

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We had this issue on a 15.6", non-responsive intermittent response.  When you touched the screen at different places the x,y touch coordinates would not change.  The recommendation was to loosen the screws and remove any screen cover but that did not fix. Ended up returning it under RMA and it was defective. 

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