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call a keypad entry from within the program

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Good morning  everyone,

I have set up a calibration sequence where the operator needs to input data in a particular order.  I would like to automatically call for a keypad to appear on the screen when a condition is met, the operator inputs the measurement, and when he presses enter, the sequence will continue until the next call for a keypad.  Unfortunately I have not found the secret to call the keypad.  Any pointers welcome

Samba 7

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10 hours ago, Patrick said:

secret to call the keypad

I do not know this secret... But i make some screen with + - buttons for change numbers. (increment decrement rate changed if button pressed for long time).

If it must be fast for operator - then + -button used for all for 5 numbers separately.  Enter and Esc also present.  

+++++    ESC

00000    Enter

- -  - -  -  

Operator like this screen :) big numbers and buttons.

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