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My first project as a newbie

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I'm very new to Unitronics and Visilogic , I'm not a programmer and have limited experience in PLC, I'm a refrigeration tech and a business owner with strong back ground in control wiring,  about 10 years ago I purchased a Siemens Logo PLC. down loaded the program and made my first program. I was probably up all night learning. After that I ended up with a contract to build a specialized refrigeration unit for a scientific cold lad with unique cooling specifications, as I could not find a controller that could meet the design specifications or out control system I purchased the V570 with a v200-18-E3XB. the controller had to control analog valves and a SCR control along with digital inputs and out puts, time delays on and on, the display had  be very user friendly and display the box temp in both Fahrenheit and Celsius as it would be use around the world. this was no easy task for someone with not experience  aside from what I read on the web to take on but after obsessively working on it and learning I completed the task . I'm sure if a trained programmer looked at it they would see things I could have done better or more correctly but my point in posting this is if you have the mind to learn  and the tenacity  Visilogic can be learned, making it a great application for what it is and the un-limited things you can do with it. I already have another project in mind and will be adding more things to it like remote logon (just have to learn how). I included a pic of my display. I included a pic of the display 579164705_Coldlabcontrol.JPG.10aceeefac5b23039eed7addd72af1a1.JPG

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On 12/17/2020 at 6:13 PM, Bruce B said:

I'm sure if a trained programmer looked at it they would see things I could have done better or more correctly

If it works, it's good.  You've done a fine job!

You've also demonstrated a willingness to dive into unfamiliar territory and make it your own, an attitude I so wish we could teach on a large scale basis.  I've lost count of how many times people have posted on this forum, described a project, and then asked for an example of it.  It is maddening.

Please reach out on the forum if you have questions or run into stumbling blocks on your next project.  There are a handful of us on the "experienced programmer" side who are very happy to help those who help themselves.

Joe T.

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