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store string in switch case


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I want to store a specific string (read fixed) to a "string tag" according a value.  If value = 1, then string should be "OK" - value = 2, string is "NOT OK", value = 3, string is "FAULT...",....

OK, I know I can do this with the compare instructions, but I want to do this with the switch case instruction....😎

suggestions anybody ?

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For the HMI 

    Under Text,   List of texts

           Create an Indexed List and call them by the      FaultCode  ( int 32)  ( your switch case index )  in the program

                ( FaultCode  being what ever name you choose )


In the Ladder  -  Use the    Compare =    to Set the  Fault Code   to the Fault number  

or  -- this one is neet --

Under Solution explorer   use the   Switch Case   and set up the   FaultCode    to the List of Texts 

                There is a lot of flexibility in this function   - Fixed  compares and ranges    with   Options for Actions

Example  :    Case ID 1 ,  Name Case 1, Comparison Type - Value , From   #1 ( a Constant),  To   (Blank) ,   Action  (Store Tag)    , Tag (FaultCode)   Store into Tag ( #1   a Constant)




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I approve what DanT advised: use the regular "store" option of the switch case in order to store a fault code into a tag, then link tat tag to a HMI "list of texts" element in order to link each value to the text you want to be displayed.


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