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Maintaining V350 auto reconnect parameters after reboot

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 To provide background,  I'm just an IT guy trying to help out a department.    I  came upon the V350s while attempting to do a corporate network migration to a new Ethernet core and have been studying their characteristics to enable a successful migration.     We have 9 v350 PLCs that controllers are used to regulate and monitor environmentals of aquatic tanks.  Once the controllers lose network connectivity, it takes sourced Ethernet frames from the v350s to restore connectivity.  This can be accomplished by sourcing an Email or initiating an alarm to restore their network connection.   So I am able to restore their connection to our new Ethernet network.    But I'd like for the v350s to be able to rejoin (w/o intervention) in the event of a network disconnect, power failure, etc....

I've experimented with the Auto Reconnect Parameters within the Info Mode.   It works great.   I set the counter keep alive for socket 0,  which has been pre-set as the TCP Master.      The other sockets are set as TCP slave or UDP and I do not have the same success when I set the counter keep alive for those sockets.   But I'm extremely happy and content with how the controller behaves when I set socket 0.   The only problem is that the socket defaults back when the system reboots.  

I can communicate with the controllers via  HTTP., but see no configuration parameters.      Do you have a recommendation for me to remote into the controllers to set the counter keep alive such that it does not default back after a reboot?

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You mention Auto parameters, but does this mean you used Info mode to look at System Bits?  Navigate to SB168 and ensure that it is ON.  If it is OFF, it might be the issue and you will have to have access as Flex says above to change it's behaviour as part of the program.

cheers, Aus

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On 1/22/2021 at 11:53 AM, Flex727 said:

I moved this to the correct forum.

The PLC will revert to the startup values in the PLC program when rebooted. Do you have access to the program file for the PLCs (.vlp file)?

Thank you for the response.   I do not know if I have access to the program file, but I may be able to secure access.     How do I access the file?    What tools/software do I need?  

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To look at he programs you will need a copy of Visilogic, which is a free download.

Do not download this link yet.  See below.


Unitronics is one of the very few PLC manufacturers which still provides free software.


The link above is for the very latest version of the software.  It would be very helpful if you could determine the version of the software the program was created in, as you can download previous versions as well.  You can open the program in the newest software, but if you save it under the same name it will change the database version which is irreversible.  (Don't ask).  If the version is significantly new enough and you try to download it to the PLC, it will tell you that the O/S needs to be updated.  The Visilogic software is perfectly capable of doing this, but it's a 15-20 minute process.  Then you can download the program.

So it's best to use the created version.

Let us know if you get the file.

Joe T.


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