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Parametric IP adres

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When i am working with visilogic i am able to set a IP address for the PLC (and MODbus slaves if present) from a MI. For me this is very useful because i have a lot of the exact same machines and when i update them i don't have to worry about the IP address because that is set from the MI after reboot.

Now i want the do the same on a new machine which i fitted with a unistream PLC, and i cannot find the same option. Now if i want to update all my machines i have to either make multiple project files or change the IP address each time. Both options are not really preferred.

Are there any options with a unistream PLC? for reference in this case i am using a USC-B5-TR22, but i want to keep the question as generally as possible. If there is no solution for this then i can keep this in mind for future project where i might be easier to stick to a vision PLC and visilogic

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Thanks for info, but that is not what i am looking for, for instance this PLC that i am using now there is no screen. There is a VNC connection but without a correct IP that doesn't work. It is a bit of a bummer that a simple feature like this is available in Visilogic but not in Unilogic.

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