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Display a list of strings


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How can I display a list of strings one by one. The list of text function only shows one text string at one time. But what I need is to display all text strings one by one if a button is pressed. For example, When the button is pressed, the first line of string shows up. And then if the button is pressed second time, the second line of string will be displayed under the first line. 

I can't find an element in the Unilogic can do it. If anyone knows how to achieve that, please let me know.




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That is rather odd element behavior but I do understand the presentation you're trying to achieve.

You're going to have to build that.  I'd use a Text Box and create several string tags with power-up values that you concatenate in your code using the Insert to String function.  Unfortunately, PLCs were never designed to be string manipulators so doing it in ladder will be tedious.  I'm not good at the C functions but this may be a good candidate for that.


Joe T.  

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On 2/11/2021 at 11:55 AM, Flex727 said:

Maybe this is implicit in Joe's answer, but why not simply have a series of text boxes, one under the other, and have logic unhide each in sequence as the button is pressed? Seems like that would be very simple to execute.

Thanks, that's actually the method I did.  I could not find any other options.

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