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RTU MODBUS RS485 - Decimal Adress

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I have been trying to communicate our SM35-J-R20 with my S7-1200 Siemens=MASTER for a few days, but without success, could it help me to identify the addresses of the memories of our unitronics SM35-J-R20 = SLAVE!
For example the first MB | ADDR 15 | LIGA PUMP BEE BS-00A, what is its decimal address? Ex: 30001, 40001 ...?


Programa_ETE-RL-050_BRESCO_P13041 - rev 1 (3) .vlp

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I moved this thread to the correct forum.


For coils, the DECIMAL address should be the same as the MB number, with the proviso that Unitronics addressing starts at zero whereas the MODBUS standard (and Siemens iirc) starts addressing at one. Therefore when addressing from the Siemens Master, add 1 to the MB number to get the correct decimal addressing for the master.

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