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Touchscreen scratches and scuffs

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Hey All,

I'm wondering if anyone has some good tip/tricks for dealing with scratches and scuffs on touchscreens.

At this point I'm working on a PV+1000, that someone had cleaned with a scotchbrite pad, but of course this would apply to any brand...

I keep visualizing some sort of "polymer" substance that would flow into the abrasions, and buffed when dry, thereby hiding the scratches, but I've not yet found that magic product....

Seems like that would be some sort of "headlight scratch remover" or some  similar product?

Ideas anyone? 🤔


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I have a bit of experience removing scratches from headlights on my kids' cars.  All the kits out there are very fine abrasive products, involving 800 to 2000 grit sandpaper finished with buffing compound.  The final step is a chemical included in the better kits that slows the oxidation of polycarbonate from UV light.

If you're trying to fill the scratches, I'd try car wax.  Seriously.

Joe T.

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46 minutes ago, Joe Tauser said:

I have a bit of experience removing scratches from headlights on my kids' cars. 

How about car windshields? You have a solution for that? I have a real problem with mine and don't want to replace the entire thing if I can avoid it.

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Don't forget the now magic method of car dealers getting lots more money for ever more complex vehicles.  If you have any sort of "driving aid" like lane keep assist etc that use cameras behind the screen, it all has to be recalibrated with any new screen fitment and it makes a new screen vastly more expensive!

As for John's scratches, Joe's wax works, but also try toothpaste on a fine cloth in a small test area and see how it goes.  You can get amazing results with a powered  gizmo with a proper pad, like a dremel or bigger, but you can also stuff it up completely if you don't know what you're doing.  So for beginners muscle power is best.

cheers, Aus

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I thought about trying car wax, but was afraid that it would dry pinkish/white in the scratches and look even worse...

But that  gets me thinking about some magic "as seen on TV" scratch remover for car clear coat finishes, perhaps something like that would work well....

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