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Utils -> Immediate -> Freq Measurement based on HSC

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Hi Guys,

I'm working on a project that will requirement to dynamically change an output trigger position based on speed to compensate for "time of flight" and a printing press speeds up / slows down. In trying spec how I would approach this, I stumbled on the Frequency Measurement based on HSC. I was hoping this utility would be a bit more robust or provide a bit more resolution of encoder frequency over the standard hardware configuration (100mS).

I've tried playing with the utility but can't seem to get any data in the output variables. I also noticed that several veriable were reserved for future use. Is this utility currently active? If there is any info or example programs could someone point me in the right direction?



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Hey Jaz,

Thanks for the sample program. Is there any documentation on how we're supposed to use it or specifically how it's supposed to work?

When I run the sample program it seems to work, however it only seems to work with HSC with Reload and it seems to take over my reload counter's target value. For example, when running the Freq Measurement my counter will only count to 16-17 then reset, when I stop the Freq Measurement it will resume running to my target count.

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