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Unistream Enhancement Suggestion


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When troubleshooting a subroutine or a region in Unilogic which has an MB or other register appearing several times in a ladder, I find myself scanning around a trying to recall everywhere that each tag is used and how it is used. To help make this process easier, I would like to suggest that there be an option where a temporary color can be applied to a tag so that everywhere it appears in the program, it has that color assigned to it. Perhaps if a user were to right click on a register in the ladder and then assign a color, it would color all instances. This way a user could scan down through a subroutine and see their MB's or  registers highlighted the designated color and easily identify their tags without needing to read the tag or notes. When I think of it, we have region colors that we can assign, why not add teh ability to color tags as well?

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1 minute ago, YINGD said:


I should add that once colors are assigned, there could also be an option to right-click on the assigned color and have options to "clear color" or "clear all colors". These options could also be added to the toolbar as well instead of or in addition to the right-click menu options.

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You have a search option available.

And starting from next UniLogic version, you will be able to remember previous searches so you can navigate between different searches.

Is that answering your needs?


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I realize there is a search feature Unilogic but what I am referring to is a way to scan down through a ladder and get a better visual on what each item is doing without having to do a search for each instance.  Attached is an example of what I am referring to. I used a Visilogic screen in the attachment simply because Visilogic prints a bit better and the memory tags are easier to see but I am suggesting that this feature be added to Unilogic. Basically, if the user were to assign a (temporary) color, each instance where it appears would be colored; similar to teh purpose of a "Watch" folder 




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