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Please can someone help me with this ? Iam really beginner

I want to set the timer so that after pressing the key 3 there is a delay of 5 seconds, then both bulbs 1 and 2 light up at the same time. Bulb 1 would illuminate for 5 seconds and bulb 2 for 10 seconds. then the whole cycle would be repeated until I press button 3 again to interrupt the cycle.

Thanks a lot


Snímek obrazovky 2021-02-24 165621.png

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I didn't have time for this yesterday, and Flex has gone to trouble to knock something up for you.  Go Flex.

I also have 2 suggestions, that don't have screenshots just to annoy Joe T, but really because I don't have time to do so.

1).   This could all be easily achieved with a drum.  Drums are a bit hidden in the Help files, but well worth a read and are very usefull.  Use the search tab in Help, type drum, and up will come Drum Sequencer.  Note that drums can be manually triggered to go all over the place in the drum configuration, before the drum naturally gets to the next step specified by the current step's timer.

2).  I've said it before, but Counts are a forgotten  method that are a really simple way of doing something multiple timers often struggle with.  Set up a count that increases every second by using SB3, or SB7 for 1/10th of a second.  Then do compares to activate your lights whenever the count is at the correct amounts.  To reset things or interrupt the cycle, you simply manipulate the increase of the count, be it by stopping, restarting, or writing a different value to it.

cheers, Aus

edited moments later, I mistakenly thought this was in the Vision forum.  slight change to help wording, SBs etc..

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I also have two comments. It's been awhile since I worked with U90 ladder and had forgotten that there is no Toggle Coil. Ugh, this situation really calls for it.

1 hour ago, Ausman said:

This could all be easily achieved with a drum.

I immediately thought this was a great application for Joe's famous state machine. I did not opt for that because it would take more time on my part and would require more explanation to zavis than I had time for and may not be appropriate for a beginner.

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17 hours ago, Ausman said:

that don't have screenshots just to annoy Joe T,


16 hours ago, Flex727 said:

was a great application for Joe's famous state machine.

It is good to be loved.   😍

There is a Drum function in Jazz.  It's one of the internal functions without blocks but it's well-documented in the Help and it has its own configuration on the Project Tree.  I agree that this application would be well-suited for that.  @zavis- if you want to have a go at this and upload your PLC program we can be helpful.

I used to teach the State Machine method on Vision PLCs when I still did a PLC class locally.  All the students wanted to learn Allen Bradley, but the local Electrical Board didn't want to pony up the money for trainers and AB doesn't donate equipment.  So I did Unitronics because that's what I had.  I have been sorely tempted to make a video of this using Unitronics, as the current "programming" videos are more about how to use a particular function.  Then Aus and Flex could seriously abuse me.  Of course I would be smoking a cigar in the video.

Joe T.



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@zavisis AWOL, but perhaps he has a day job like the rest of us.

zavis, if you do return to this thread, I want to mention something I neglected previously. In the picture you pasted you have two logic threads in ladder rung 5. Do not do that. Separate those two statements into two different ladder rungs. Also, though it's not hurting anything, you don't need SB 1 there. I'm not sure why you felt the need to include it.

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