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Reset "UniLogic password" for UniStream


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I don´t have the correct password 
The problem is that I have around 30 pcs of usc-b5-t42. that I installed with a base program a few mounths ago. 

Now I want to continue on this work and brought a different laptop with me.   when I go and download the new program I get promped for a plc password..

Since the password requirements are somewhat out of the norm of my default passwords for this sort of thing. I made something up at the time, and seam to have written it down incorrectly. 

I can acces the the plc´s with my old laptop but I really want to figure this out so I can perhaps service this in the future. 


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my controllers don´t have a touch screen.    usc-b5-t42 

Any option that I can find is om unilogic where I can change password. (shown below)


But this option doesn´t work for me since I have to have the old password.





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Well I figured it out. 


If you access the plc with VNC via remote...    You can hold the screen in the top right corner just like you are standing in front of it. 


After there you can go to plc properties and reset password to default

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