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Interrupt in UniLogic? or Write output immediately

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In my current project I need a little help from you guys! In one part of the project I need to control 216 outputs at the same time with a bit high frequency. ( Now, it's a working machine with Mitsubishi PLC, I have to replace it with unistream for other reason. By the way, the mitsubishi PLC has normal (no pwm) transistor outputs and a basic CPU model.)

The requested frequency is 200Hz 20-45% DC. Now, I can reach 70-80Hz besides 5-6ms of PLC cycle time. In VisiLogic there is an opportunity called Write Output Immediately. Is it exists in UniLogic?

Or it would be another option to reach 2ms wide impulses on outputs at lower frequency

It is not acceptable to use UID-0808THS (200 PWM outputs non sense). Any idea?

My PLC-s: 


UID-W1616Ts and lots of UID-0016Ts

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