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using a pulscoder on input of UIDXXX - Counter1


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new with Unitronics PLC and the software. So here I am building my first project.

For my project I'm using a  stepper motor in an closed loop with an pulscoder. Stepper motor and pulscoder are connected trough the UID-0808THS_0.

My controller model is US7-B5-TR22.

Senzor that I'm using is:  TURCK REI-E-114I15E-2B5000-H1181. (https://www.turck.de/en/product/100011797)

My problem is that the motor is functioning OK without any problems. But the pulscoder is not working. When I power ON (pulscoder connected to the UID unit) I get the same value.

Valu of the B2: Counter is 4,294,967,295. If I reset the counter to value 0, the value stays 0 even if I rotate the pulscoder,


I have connected the pulscoder to: GND -> 0V,  Us+  -> 24VDC,  A  ->  I0,  B  ->  I1. The 0V is also connected to the CM0.

The pulscoder is connectedto the same power supply as the UID unit

I have noticed that I get some bits on I0 and I1 if I rotate the pulscoder (below is a picture of proff that the sensor is working) but the B2: Counter register is the same.


Even If I invert the counting direction or if I change the frequency I still don't have any value.

Here is my configuration of the UID unit:



Best regards

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