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UniLogic Message: Could not apply command


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Good day,

I have a problem regarding setting the Time & Date of Unistream USP-104-B10 w/ a CPU for panel of USC-P-B10. I'm using the latest version of  UniLogic: 1.31.146, the Firmware of PLC is 1.31.122. 

I'm receiving a Unitronics Message of "Could not apply command" if I try setting the RTC in UniLogic.

My communication from PC-PLC is good since downloading is possible.





I also tried setting it in UniApps/System/Time & Date

It will just load after I press OK and nothing will happen.


Can someone enlighten me on how this happen and how to correct this?

Thank you!


Edit: It is working now. I don't know how or why. I just left it as is yesterday and after opening it today I can change the Time & Date both via UniApps and Set RTC on UniLogic.

Can someone explain why this happen? Thanks!  

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