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I have a requirement of 10 to 15 PLC's on network using Ethernet.

And custom C# App which able to read cycle from particular PLC and load cycle to particular PLC on same network .

recommendation needed.

Which PLC should I use? currently I am using vision 120 "V120-22-UA2", recommend the model closer to vision 120 if 120 will not work. 

Are Unitronics DataTable and ComDrive Libs can do this job or any other lib is required?

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V120  Series cannot do Ethernet.

Look at the V130-J-TA24  + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card)       LCD Screen, Keypad


                          V350-J-TA24 + V100-17-ET2 ( Ethernet Card)      3.5 inch Colour Touch  HMI

If the program is small and compact, look at the SAMBA  Series

VisiLogic has methods to convert existing  program from V120 to V130 or V350 Color - Ladder OK, then Modify the screens

Also look at the  Software Developer Tools under the Visilogic downloads  for .NET drivers and Active X tools.



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Thanks for the replay Its very helpful.

If we don't consider Ethernet can we do networking (10 to 15 devices) using Rs485 using the  vision 120 "V120-22-UA2" PLC?

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The V120-22-UA2  has 2 Comports.

Use COM1  for Programming and Online troubleshooting.

Configure COM2  for RS485 ( See Instruction Sheet for Jumpers to Set)

You can use MODBUS to move Data between the units. Just watch the timing , Search    MODBUS    in the forum

and there are several vey helpful  topics  by the experts about good practice in timing Modbus  Calls.





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28 minutes ago, Waqas said:

.NET drivers and Active X tools are capable for handle the RS485 and MODBUS timing ?

No.  These are for the Unitronics native protocol called PCOM and don't require any additional program changes in the PLC program.  Using the PCOM protocol, you can go directly into the V120's memory.

Modbus is a totally different protocol that Unitronics supports.  It requires Modbus function blocks and configuration be added to the PLC program.

The next comment is my opinion only based on my experience-

If you don't have a large investment in V120's already, go to the V130.  The V120's RS485 port is sketchy - the V130's is much more robust.  Plus you can add an Ethernet port.

I had a customer having problems with V120 RS485 communications and I wound up dragging my oscilloscope out and looking at the signal.  I found the amplitude of the signal attenuated significantly if only three PLCs were connected together.  The V120 program can be converted to a V130 program, so I did that and connected V130s together (being a distributor has its advantages).  The signal was much stronger and the problem went away with V130 units.

If you've already got a bunch of V120's, you may want to seriously consider adding RS485 repeaters to boost the signal as needed.

Joe T.

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Much appreciate your opinion,

 So if we consider the V 130 with ethernet port. And by the help of  Unitronics Development tools .NET drivers and Active X tools.

we can able to read, write cycle to particular PLC on network  in C# application? And there is no need for Modbus communication.  



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