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Visilogic 9.8.91 Version Question

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I had to update my trusty 9.8.65 Version to the new 9.8.91 Version to accommodate a Servo + VFD application.  This 9.8.91 version gave us many challenges with our windows laptops, (i.e.  File Explorer Crashes and Flashing Screens.). We have since gone back to 9.8.65 but not before I had finished several other projects in the 9.8.91 Version. My question now is if I can transfer my HMI screens back to 9.8.65 from 9.8.91? I was able to transfer all the ladder code back but the HMI refuses to be transferred because of the version differences. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I think Unitronics can do a version rollback for you (support@unitronics.com). However, a trick that I have sometimes had success with is to open to newer version program in the older version VisiLogic, then when the error message or crash occurs, reopen the crashed VisiLogic. It will again try to open the newer version program, but this time successfully (sometimes). You can then save it as the older version. Like I say, this only works sometimes but it might allow you to recover your HMI screens.

Of course, the best answer is to resolve your issues with 9.8.91. I think there are other posts on this subject in this forum and I think the problem is quite solvable (though I don't remember the solution as I haven't yet moved to 9.8.91).

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7 hours ago, Flex727 said:

then when the error message or crash occurs, reopen the crashed VisiLogic.

the other crucial part of this is that you have to manually end the crashed Visilogic in task manager (or whatever you use etc) after the crash.   You then double click the offending file again, and ignore the messages that come up and it will open it in 8.65.   I am only on 8.65 and routinely do this to see programs posted on the forum that people have done with all later versions.   It hasn't happened to me, but I can see that some things may not open correctly, like Flex says.

I did write a full description of this process in one post, but can't quickly find it.   Grrr. 

Edit...found it:  https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6157-how-to-convert-programs-developed-in-9879-to-9865/?do=findComment&comment=25144   

It is still working on 10  20H2.

cheers, Aus


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Thanks Guys!

That worked and saved me many hours of HMI construction!

 For some reason if I opened the 91 version in 65 and saved it; it still refused to open in 65. So I tried to export the HMI displays while having it open in 65 but when I tried to import the displays to my new 65 version, they still refused to import. But, if I copied the display, opened my new 65 version I was making, then add new display and pasted the display, it worked fine. I just had to do that many times but it was well worth the bother. Thanks again!


I agree Flex, that the optimum would be to get to the bottom of the 91 version issue(s). Unitronics Support was totally awesome on working with us on it.  I felt bad calling again and again with all of our complications we were having with it but they patiently worked with us through it all!  Seems the flashing screen problem could mostly be resolved by going into the registry editor and deleting all the (vlp_auto_file) but we never could quite get to the bottom of the file explorer crashing problem. File explorer would crash consistently after attaching a program file to an email, or, saving a program to a cloud based file storage application like Google Drive. Sometimes it would crash without us knowing why.  We now have one laptop specifically for 91 version so if it crashes beyond our expertise to repair it, we have nothing of much value on the laptop. I understand there are other folks using 91 version without the issues we were experiencing so maybe the biggest problem is our own unique way of running the system...   

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