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Image location (LOGO list of images)

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I'm learning how to program and use a HMI by looking at some example programs in the Help section. I was looking at the 'Basic: Timers and Actions' example and was wondering where i can find, and alter, the images of the window blind?


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When selecting IMAGE, you have number of options:


ImagesC are Color Images.

When you are out of "Unitronics VisilogicC" folder,  you can return to it by pressing "Go to Visilogic Image Library".

Investigate folders with pictures to unterstand where you can find required pictures.


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That would be true for Visilogic.  Basic Timers and Actions is a UniLogic example, which does not include an image library in the standard installation.

The easiest thing to do is to download and install Visilogic so you get the image library as Alex describes.  You'll see that the ImagesC directory contains an  EMF and a UniPics directory.  UniLogic uses most image files but not .EMF types, so you'll have to convert those in an external program if you want to use them.  The UniPics images can be used in UniLogic.

Joe T.


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OK, I was completely on dope.  I realized in approving a post today that UniPics is indeed installed with UniLogic.  I didn't know where it was.

Take a look at this post:


To further confirm that I am losing my mind, I actually answered the question correctly in 2018.

That was so three years ago.  Sorry.

Joe T.

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