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Data Table data not matching the data in my PLC

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I am using a V570 PLC.  I have 2 data tables that contain data. One of the tables is 12 columns by 21 rows and the data never changes. The second table is 1 row and 8 columns, and the data does change periodically.  I have the table data all written out in visilogic, but after doing a full download to the plc and then going online, the data tables are completely different data from what I just sent to the PLC.  There are no write functions to table 1 at all, so I know the data is not being overwritten. Any help is appreciated.

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6 hours ago, AlexUT said:

Data tables are not downloaded at any download.

Only data table structure is downloaded.

You have to download project, then open Data Tables interface and write all tables to PLC memory.


Thank you for the reply Alex. I did not realize the values I put into visilogic would not move over to the PLC on a normal download. I am updating PLC's in the field with the program on an SD card. Is there any way to force these values to the PLC (Other than assigning all 250 ish values to MI's and then writing them to the table) via an SD card?


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7 hours ago, AlexUT said:

In "UniDownload Designer" check "Download Data Tables...".

If you make Clone to SD - than use Full Clone (you have to write Data Tables to PLC to have information for Clone).

Practice at you desk before you do it remotely at field.



Great. Thank you for this advice. I appreciate it.

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Alex, what about Part of Project?  I don't use this function, but I thought it made some Data Table values  part of the project.

cheers, Aus

and a PS....I wrote this and submitted it ok 11 hours ago, but it disappeared off into far faraway land.

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