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I think I found a bug in the visilogic software?

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10 hours ago, Fernando Castro said:

Long story short one of the settings on the calibration screen was changed

I have not done this for a long time, but once I had a system that I could not find a readily obvious reason for something odd happening.  I ended up using excel to compare txt files generated using  Export PLC operands.  It was easy to set up a compare to find anything that was different b/n 2 copies and flag it, in my case it was colour the cell next to the difference in red. 

In this way I found that I had missed an MI that was previously flagged as a power-up value, but I had changed to nothing.  In doing such a minor change I had forgotten to send the actual program to the plc, as it was a running process and I couldn't interrupt it at the time.  Once I had the compare show the difference, I then remembered the mistake, that was causing me to look at something on my PC screen that was slightly different to what was actually in the plc.  All modded programs I advance the naming convention but in this case I didn't because it was such a minor change, so the projects were the same name.  Silly me.

I have done the download delay error a few times over the years due to nearly all my work involving things running 24/7 and I have to pick a good time.  It is my mistake and clearly just a bit of over-used brain fade.  But it definitely can come back to bite and is easily missed, as can a power-up value being believed to exist or not exist.

cheers, Aus

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