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Visilogic & Unilogic Mapped Drives Fix (Worth Pinning)

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If you are having an issue with Windows 10 and Visilogic & Unilogic  seeing mapped drives. Here is a workaround/fix in the attached image. I requires a simple entry into the registry.

Note: this will only work for a User that is currently logged in with administrative rights and already has UAC enabled.
This does not work for a User with User privileges. If you installed Visilogic or Unilogic as administrator you already you have admin rights.

Other Note: If you are not comfortable editing the registry or understand what you are doing with the registry... THEN DON'T DO IT! And as always create a restore point before you edit the registry in case you do something wrong.


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  • MVP 2023

Thanks Visco, good info.

Not raining on your parade, but if you don't like registry fiddling the same thing can be easily done with my favourite tool Winaero Tweaker.  ( https://winaero.com/ )

Install it as standalone and then apply the "Enable Network Drives over UAC" tweak.

Whilst you've got it open, explore all that it can do and you'll find many things that might make your PC interaction easier.  I use the bookmark feature to keep track of all that I use.

cheers, Aus

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