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V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B Relay Outputs

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I'm using a V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B, I'm trying to turn on/off an LED (Binary Image) on my HMI with the use of a relay output.
I have powered my unit;
+V: 24V
0V: 0V,

and the relay output shown in the image below. I have also written a logic and linked in my HMI as shown below:
With the connections, the LED does not change to RED. Any help would be appreciated



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  • Khom changed the title to V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B Relay Outputs
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2 hours ago, Khom said:

I'm trying to turn on/off an LED (Binary Image) on my HMI with the use of a relay output.

With what you have shown this sentence doesn't make sense.  You want to use a relay output, yet you are using an MB to trigger a screen element indirectly linked to the output.   So what is it that you want?  The screen element to concurrently change when the relay changes?  I guess this.  So the real question here is what controls your O 0?, because you've actually got that as a contact.  If something else is turning O 0 on, then simply link O 0 instead of MB24.

After all that, at present, does MB24 actually change when you think it should when online?

cheers, Aus

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Hi Khom

If you wire the PLC the way you have shown and output 0 comes on you will short out your 24v supply.

Do NOT connect  24v to one side of the output and 0v to the other (the output is just a switch)

As Aus asks, let us know exactly what you are trying to do.

To bring on the output you need some condition in the ladder to trigger output 0.

You are correct with linking the contact of the output to the MB to change the image on the display (you can also link direct to the output)




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  • MVP 2023

I think he's just got things wrong way around. @Khom, you need to check the box to the left of the word "Toggle", then link MB 24 to O 0 the reverse of the way you have it:

MB 24     O 0

---|  |------(  )-


Edit: Upon re-reading, I think you're using some other condition to activate MB 24 (some alarm condition), not trying to toggle it by touch on the screen. In that case, simply leave the Toggle box unchecked and the logic will work properly as long as you have a coil somewhere for MB 24 that is activated for your alarm condition.

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