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Download error (391)

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hello everyone

while downloading my visilogic program to the unitronics SM43-J-R20. 

I keep getting the following error

Download Error (391)

visilogic Faild to Dowload images to PLC.

please Try TO Download the project Again.

if the problem consists then please contact support for Assistance.


does anyone know how to solve this problem.

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I've also experienced it in relation to the communications stability.  It seems the images download puts high demand on the communications and is a common point where it fails.  If the above suggestions don't work, try reducing the baud rate to 57,600.  Maybe also try using a different USB port on the computer.  If you are using a USB hub, take it out and plug the PLC cable directly into the computer port.  Make sure the USB cable isn't laying across your power supply. If you have another computer available, try that one.

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1. What model of USB-to-Serial converter do you use?

Do you have other model of USB-to-Serial converter?

or example FTDI based chip. Try it.

2. About commu8nication speed - recommended to keep it 115200 (default).

It is recommended to use PLC COM 1 serial port and check that it is configured as RS232 115200, 8, N, 1.

*Start PLC when pressing I button to start in STOP mode with default RS232 settings 115200, 8, N, 1.

If PLC has touch disp[lay - power PLC when touching display.

When down counter appears, release and then double-touch display to start in STOP mode with default RS232 settings 115200, 8, N, 1.

Repeat download.

3. Use "Stop-Download-Reset" mode to download project.


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