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Numeric variable keypad entry

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I am programming a V130 PLC using VisiLogic 9.8.80. I have placed a Password variable on the screen for the user to enter a numeric password. However, when the screen appears, the user must press “Enter” before entering the password in order to make the variable “Active”. It’s the only variable on the screen. According to the Help file (see below) the display should load with the variable “Active”, but it does not. What do I need to do to make the variable default to “Active” when the screen is first loaded?


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I have never really thought about this on all the 130s I use, as I prefer an "Enter" to be done to make the entry area active.  Sort of a definite action.

However, I tried 76 & 108 combos on a remote system and they didn't make a difference.  Indeed, having both on disabled legal entry, in that the entry went OK but on pushing enter it then goes back to the starting point with a blinking cursor overlaid onto the entry area.....an endless loop for some reason.

So one solution, if you really  want it to happen Flex, is to simply have an automatic Entry push a few scans after the screen ends loading.  A second would be to do an "automatic" Entry push by linking SB6 into a rising edge of the first number with the neg transition being the actual entry, with subsequent numbers as normal.  Of the two, I think the first would be more suitable.  Time for more fun and games trials on your part.  On thinking about this a bit more, I don't actually know whether password entry lets you differentiate b/n rising and trailing edges, so that might be a stoooopid suggestion anyway!

cheers, Aus

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