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Help with Servo motion profile "S-Curve" parameters


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I'm currently using Trapezoidal motion profile on the servo that I'm driving and the parameters for velocity, acceleration, deceleration are 11, 45, 45 at the moment. The servo is performing nicely.

I'm using MoveAbsolute block, so I'm driving it using the position.

However because there is a substantial jerk, I'm trying to implement the S-Curve.

Servo motors are a new area for me, but from what I've seen in tutorials on other servos if I implement jerk and give it some value while the rest of the paramters stay the same, then the motor should change the way it moves.

When I change the motion profile to S-Curve and give different values (1..100) to jerk, while the velocity, acceleration, deceleration are the same values, the motor barely moves (starts crawling literally).

Changing the velocity doesn't affect the movement, however when I change the acceleration and deceleration from 45 to values 1000+ then the motor starts to move. I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the parameters work and how to set up the values.

Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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