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MQTT client disconnected, keep alive


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Hi there. Let's see if someone can help me.

I have this scenario:
- Raspberry pi with mosquitto broker.
- Unistream connected to the broker and subscribed to a topic
- Several temperature sensors as clients publishing a topic every 1 second.

Everything works fine but, any idea how to know if a client has disconnected? In the client configuration I have the "keep alive" function set to 10 seconds, however the "Subscription.Subscribed" bit is always at "1".

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Dear ray,
If the "Subscription.Subscribed" bit is at "1" from UniStream POV you are connected. Please check:

  • Set the "Broker.LastWillTopic" & "Broker.LastWillMessage" properties on the Broker linked to your Subscription and validate you are getting the last will message 10s after the disconnection.
    It will help us to know if the 
    UniStream get the disconnection event 
  • What is the value of "Broker.BrokerConnected" on the Broker struct linked to your Subscription 10s after the disconnection? Is it also "1"?
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