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how to reuse autotune parameters from Visilogic in unistream

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Hi, I'm going to swapp a V130 plc to a USC-B5 plc.

In this project we have a heat control using two PIDs running in cascade, controlling both heater temp. and object temp. We have done "intensive" testing and run autotune on different object sizes. This have given us a couple of PID settings and autotune parameters that is working briliantly on different objects. Because of the time and work load this testing is consuming I wonder if there is a way to reuse/ copy these parameters into the PID setting in unistream?

In unitronics the autotune parameters is stored in a list of 32 MI's but I can't see this to be the case in Unistream. 

Any clearification on this subject is appreciated.

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1. PID regulator, or Control Loop, is a complex.

It include:

- Controller (PLC)

- Sensor/sensors (temperature, humidity, speed, pressure, flow, vacuum, etc.)

- Actuators (vents, compressors, heaters, coolers, pumps, etc.)

- Communication channels for sensors and actuators (0-10V, 4-20mA, PWM, VFD,  etc.)

All this with it's timing (conversion delay, step response, acceleration/deceleration time, etc.)

2. Changing any of control loop element(s) will lead to change of P, I, D and other Control Loop parameters.

This means that with an optimal Control Loop parameters (current PID parameters set) you can replace any element for the same to have Control Loop working with the same efficiency.

3. Change element type/model will require Control Loop parameters change to have Control Loop working with the same (or very similar) efficiency.

4. Change PLC model leads to change of many parameters in Control Loop.

As a result - you can use old parameters as estimate, than make manual PID tune, or run PID AutoTune.

PID AutoTune will attempt to optimize Control Loop parameters.

Hope this information helps to make Control Loop (PID) at new PLC as effective as an original one.


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