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UCR without unicloud service


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Hi folks, 

I've been working on a project for an OEM where remote access is required. 

I have purchased a UCR8 for the application and after chatting with the owner of the company we decided not to use the cloud service. As far as I know, there's a three month trial period and then a subscription plan is required. 

I'm using V700 controllers and because the remote access will only occur sporadically, a monthly fee subscription would make the project impracticable. 

Im basically integrating this router to an existing network and am manually doing all the network configuration (port forwarding,  ddns, traffic and firewall rules, dhcp reservation if static ip isnt available) in order to remote in. 

Everything is working so far and i can use VisiLogic to open and make changes on my ladder application (sometimes it does not work very well so im still working on it) as well as remote operator to operate my screen.

Have you guys done this before? any advice to make it more reliable without using cloud services?


Thanks in advance.





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