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I am new in Unitronics and I want to buy a Unistream to test Cloud Features,

I have one question, UNISTREAM has only 1 ethernet port.

I have to connect it with an IP Network with other Unitronics Devices, Let say Network 192.168.4.xxx.

If I want the same time to connect it to Unicloud, where I will connect my Internet ethernet cable? 

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Thank you very much for the Reply, but I don't mean that I need an Ethernet Switch,

I mean that I have 2 different Networks, 1 Network for PLCs and 1 Network for Internet access.

So I will need 2 IP Addresses on Unistream. 1 IP address for Network Devices and 1 IP Address for Internet access for connecting Unistream to Unicloud.

Actually this is what is confusing me, how unitronics is connected to the Cloud, does it need Internet ?

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It should be no different than your personal computer. It (normally) only has a single ethernet (or wifi) port and a single IP address, yet can communicate with other devices on your internal network and communicate with the internet. As with any device communicating with the internet, you are going to need a modem, or other device, that has internet connectivity through an internet service provider.

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I've given some though to this to solve one of my own application issues.  I think what you are wrestling with is that you don't want your automation network to be merged with the network that gives you internet access (eg office or home network - the "non-automation" network).

I've reviewed the interchange between Aus and John in the post ref above.

Whilst I haven't yet implemented a solution this way I would suggest using the router functionality of the UCR-ST-B5.  Don't put in a SIM card and just use the ethernet WAN port to connect to your cabled internet connection.  The WAN IP of the UCR will belong to the office LAN that has internet access.  Connect the PLC to the LAN port of the UCR.  The LAN IP of the UCR will be in the same subnet as the UniStream and the IO devices.  You will probably only need to set up the WAN and LAN IP address in the router.  I suspect the default port forwarding will allow the PLC to talk out to the internet and find the UniCloud server.  But you should check this.

I hope this helps,


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