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Enhanced webserver Visilogic V130-33-TR6 download UDT file from SD card

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with enhanced webserver specifically with downloading UDT files from SD card. Other files like pdf that I put on web folder can be downloaded with no problems.

Html page works and I can monitor values of MI and MB. Code from original start.htm  that provides link to SD I copied but when I right click and  save sometimes gives me a window where to save

on PC, after a click save I get error "Network failed" other times website crashes and have to power cycle PLC.  

Here is the command for html 

 <a target="_blank" href="ExternalSD/DT/DT1/PUL.udt">Preuzmi Tabelu "PUMPA ULJA-PRESOVANJE LEZAJEVA</a></font></p>

Tried with just "SD" instead "ExternalSD" but didn't help  tried "DataTable" instead "/DT/" didn't help

PLC saves data table to SD with no problem and i can download UDT with SD card utilities via serial

Please help 


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  • MVP 2023

The Enhanced Webserver is not an Official Unitronics Product and not on the support list.  I think the people who originally wrote it have fallen off the radar.  Anymore if somebody wants webpages I point them at UniStream, where it is an official thing.

It sounds like you've managed to implement it quite well.  Rather than have a save html link, I would just tie the Save button to an MB and have the PLC do the work.

Joe T.

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