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USP-070-B10 7" HMI and USC-P-B10_H CPU for panel


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Hi all,

I am newbie using Unilogic and Unistream hardware. I used to get a Samaba and worked with visiologic. So, the first question will be how Can I stablish communication via USB programming cable for the first time. Because when I put communication cable my laptop beeps, like when recognize a new device but never appears when try to download a program. This is the first time to connect my device with my computer. Despite I check usb drives and updated still not success. So, I will appreciate your help with this.

Thanks, in advanced 

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Try to use Ethernet cable. You can touch on right-up corner of USP screen for some time and find Uni Apps menu. In this menu you can find Ethernet connection IP.

Use it for Unilogic communication setup. 


About USB... If you try to install Unilogic without Run as Admin option  - some part of drivers can be blocked. 

On my PC if i connect USP via USB - Unilogic agent say about connected USP in down-right corner of PC screen.


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Hi kratmel,

I ran as administrator and doesn't work? 

I unistalled Unilogic and Install back again as administrator. (Doesn't work either)

I changed USP setting network and not success.  Even when I was able to ping the IP through USP and command prompt.

I was not able to connect through USB port. I am stuck in this issue and thank you for helping me. What else in your opinion should I do at this time? 



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