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v350 PLC Programing Help For Hospital Fire Pump System.

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Hello Everyone !


We have a Fire Pump control for a Local hospital we service.

The entire panel is controlled by a V350 Unit,  The original v350 PLC died we installed a new replacement but are unable to load the program onto the new unit.

The company that installed and built the hole system went out of business completely in 2015 and they left nothing.

The old v350 plc is completely shot and can not be accessed via serial.   We only have a SD card that has empty folders from the old unit.  In a folder labeled SYSTEM are 2 same size files in the .C35 format,  I am able to load them into the current version of VisiLogic but i cant not download them to the new device. 

It produces a error as "ErrGeneral" and terminates the download onto the unit.

the .c35 program loads fine into visilogic and complies ok has no errors.

I am able to open the .C35 file in VisiLogic it loads fine has ) errors.


When i attempt to create a project file with "Create Project Files" it gets to 99% and i get error (516) the Project Was Not Created - Please Try Again it does not say what the issue is.



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The V350 controller is quite tenacious. The only time I changed it was the installation where it was installed struck by lightning.

Please post in this thread a photo of its I/O board (power supply on it), just unscrew 4 screws.

I do not welcome unqualified repairs of the PLC, but I think the only way to save the program is to restore the old PLC. If you have the skills to check the circuits with a multimeter, I can tell you what to check in a faulty controller. And on the basis of these measurements to establish whether there is a chance of its recovery.

P.S. It is best in your case to contact the manufacturer of the installation. I think they have the appropriate program and will not refuse to provide a paid (or possibly free) service to download the program to the new controller. However, the manufacturer may refuse to provide the program to you for download.

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There are no bad contacts but some slight corrosion on the main "middle board"  The DC power supply failed and was browning out at 7.32 Volts for months,  We came in to do a test of the system and found the hole panel down.  The DC power supply that feeds the unit with 24v was bad and giving it 7.32 volts for many months till we caught it.

It looks to be intact but nothing shows up on the screen and the unit wont communicate over serial.

The unit had a SD card in it with a bunch of folders in the SYSTEM folder is 2 .35 files which load fine into visilogic but i cant write them to the new device or save them via Create Project Files.

The .c35 program in the SD of the unit is program we need i can see all the screens and controls in Visilogic.

The company that made and built it went under in 2015 and does exist any more.

If you have points on the board you want me to check for voltage we have everything even a oscilloscope to bench it if you can provide test points.

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40 minutes ago, stembera said:

Maybe I am too late here but I think the .C35 file is not intended to be opened in VisiLogic

This is not correct. You can open a .C35 (and other types of program files from the SD card) file in VisiLogic if the option for burn upload project was performed during the PLC download.

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