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Unitronic V700 Tuning Help - Heater Furnace

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There are many topics about PID present on forum. Try to search on forum.

Please post your furnance setup: hardware, sensor installation, heat source, ON-OFF slow PWM or fast PWM output used, temperature range.

If you use Autotuning - please try to set lower (-30 C) setpoint and start Autotuning. 

Fix on paper P, I, D settings. 

Then start Autotuning on normal setpoint.

You can see what changes appear in P, I, D and understand system behavior with different settings.

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Thank you @kratmel for your response and suggestions.

Furnace heater and heat source is -  Ceramic Band Heater Ø110x300 mm (H) V230 2300W W1150x2 

Thermocouple type K

Intended temperature range is 250-350 C

I need to ask about slow or Fast PWM

I am a novice in this area, I will get back to you with the missing information.



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